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online consultation with General Physician

General Physician

Dr. Chetan Mahajan Nephrologist


online consultation with Orthopedician


online consultation with Pulmonologist


Cardiac Surgeon, Online Consultation

Cardiac Surgeon

PCOD, Period Issues, UTI, Pregnancy Care, Abdominal Pain

Gynecologist / Infertility Expert

online consultation with Physiotherapist


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We provide the android app where you can easily book an appointment with your concerned doctor and have a video consult, it is always better to ask from experts rather making assumptions.

Tele Consultation

Tele-Consult Setups


Total Doctors on-board from various specialty like cardiac surgeon, physician, nephro, gyneac, physio and many more.


Total Hospitals covered where we provided multi-specialist doctors and getting the satisfaction from patients as well as from other medical staff.