Doctors On-Board

online consultation Psychiatrist from Delhi

Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta

Consultant Psychiatrist

online consultation with Pulmonologist

Dr. Abhinav Sharma

Pulmonologist / Covid-19 Advisory

Dr. Chetan Mahajan Nephrologist

Dr. Chetan Mahajan

Nephrologist / Covid-19 Advisory

PCOD, Period Issues, UTI, Pregnancy Care, Abdominal Pain

Dr. Pooja Gandhi

Gynaecologist / Fertility Specialist

online consultation with General Physician

Dr. Taranpreet Kaur

General Physician

online consultation with Physiotherapist

Dr. Darshi Vyas (PT)


psychiatrist online doctor new delhi

Dr. Sasha Raikhy

Consultant Psychiatrist

online consultation with Orthopedician

Dr. Harpreet Singh

Orthopedic Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeon, Online Consultation

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi

Cardiac Surgeon

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